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Solutions for Every Bank Department

Solutions for Every Bank Department

As your bank grows, identifying departmental efficiencies becomes increasingly important. Although each department performs different, yet necessary roles, the need for streamlined document management remains constant. Genesis Banking offers a solution for every bank function.

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Document Imaging

Document Imaging

After extensive research of clients needs and product requirement analysis, Genesis Banking developed a community bank-friendly document imaging system. This banking software enables community banks to enhance processes such as workflow, operations, and bank compliance management.

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Interested in learning more about Genesis? Our team at Genesis Banking hosts regularly scheduled webinar demos for prospective clients like you. We find webinars to be an excellent method for prospects to see the product in action, ask questions, and evaluate potential fit. We would love to include you in our next demo.

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Genesis Banking offers community banks an affordable, reliable imaging software solution.

Community Bank Software Solutions


    Loan Module

    LoanIs your bank looking for an affordable, centralized software solution to manage all of its loan documentation? Genesis Banking is proud to offer one of its most popular platforms, now as a comprehensive module designed specifically for community banks like yours. This easy to use module empowers your bank with the ability to streamline loan document management. With the Loan Module from Genesis Banking, your bank can reap the benefits of paperless document management at a price that fits your budget.

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    Deposit Software Module

    DepositAre your bank operations constantly backlogged? Do you wish there was an affordable solution that could help you process your customers more effectively? If so, Genesis Banking would like to introduce you to an innovative product, designed specifically for community banks like yours. With the Deposits Module from Genesis Banking, your bank can instantly improve efficiencies and reduce exposure to fraud or record keeping errors. Customer authorization has never been this easy!

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    Trusts Software Module

    TrustIs managing trust accounts becoming an increasingly complex endeavor for your bank? If so, Genesis Banking has an innovative solution that makes trust administration simple and painless. With Genesis Trusts, your bank can create electronic versions of all trust documents and manage them within an intuitive database. Going paperless reduces risk and helps your bank stay compliant with court directed reporting requirements.

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    HR Module

    HRHow secure is the employee information your bank has on file? Is your bank compliant with federal regulations relating to information use and sharing? Genesis Banking has an innovative solution, developed to aid your community bank in addressing such HR issues. With the Genesis Human Resources Module, your bank can reduce risk and improve business processes. By creating digital versions of your most important HR documentation, your employees become significantly less susceptible to identity theft or fraud.

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    Accounts Payable Software Module

    PayrollIs your bank currently overpaying for supplies and services? Do you have a system in place to easily track such information? Genesis Banking is pleased to offer a comprehensive A/P module, designed specifically with community banks in mind. With the Genesis Accounts Payable Module, designated users gain full visibility and approval authority of invoices and vouchers. Such features help your bank streamline workflow and improve efficiencies.

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    Contract Module

    ContractDoes your bank store all of its executed contracts in a centralized location? What if the records at that location were affected by fire, flood, or other natural disaster? Genesis Banking offers a solution that helps banks minimize exposure to such catastrophes, while improving business efficiencies. Genesis' Contracts Module organizes executed contracts and related information into a simple, electronic platform. Learn More »

    Report Archive Module

    ReportsIn today's competitive marketplace, it is vital for your community bank to become increasingly more efficient. Genesis Banking offers its ground-breaking Report Archive product that compliments any Genesis module. With the Genesis Report Archive, your bank can store all of its reports in a centralized, electronic database. Organizing your reports in a paperless system provides your bank with improved efficiencies and economies of scale.

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Key Benefits

    Save Money

    Save MoneyIs your current paper-dependent system becoming a drain on productivity? Has your bank considered going paperless in the past, only to find out the cost of doing so was too expensive? If the answer to these questions is "yes", your community bank needs to consider Genesis Banking. With Genesis Banking's paperless document management modules, your bank can streamline operations and reduce overhead expenses. Relative to other paperless solutions, Genesis Banking provides the most budget-conscious options on the market. Our entire business is focused on serving community banks like yours. All our products are available in “modules”, making tasks such as loan management a breeze. We save you significant money by selling you only the modules that you need.

    Save Time

    Save TimeThe big banks are already doing it - your competition is next. More banks than ever are making the switch to a paperless system. A major reason is due to the tremendous time savings versus traditional paper-dependent systems. As you know, banks spend countless hours generating, printing, filing, and archiving reports. With Genesis Banking, you can reduce such arduous administrative man-hours and reallocate them to more productive activities. In addition to reducing administrative hours, Genesis Banking’s document imaging system for loans is so intuitive that you will never need to waste time troubleshooting. If you do happen to experience any issues, our team of qualified support technicians is on call to help. This outstanding customer support comes standard with your service agreement and is available on an unlimited basis. Count on Genesis Banking in your bank's effort to improve operational efficiency.

    Reduce Risk

    Reduce RiskWhat if your most important bank documents were destroyed by a natural disaster, such as flood or fire? What steps have you taken to manage banking compliance requirements? Surprisingly, many banks have not thought about such questions, leaving their exposure to risk extremely high. By implementing a paperless document management system, you instantly minimize probability of information loss or theft. Genesis Banking offers a turn-key solution for your community bank to go paperless today. Genesis Banking's most popular feature is the ability for your bank to purchase only the modules it needs. By designing our products in modules, we give your bank the option to add as few as one base module with your initial order. This allows you to get into a document management system that is effective, affordable, simple, and completely scalable. When compared against other document management systems, Genesis Banking is certainly your bank's least risky option.

    Add Modules as You Grow

    Add ModulesWhy pay more for things you don't need? In today's economy, most community banks are searching for ways to become more efficient. However, efficiency should not come at the expense of bottom line performance. It is vital to find a solution that accomplishes both of these goals. With Genesis Banking's "unbundled" approach, your community bank can mix and match the products that best fit the budget. Many clients start with our loan management software platform and add additional modules as they are needed. Our management team has made a commitment to offer completely scalable products to community banks. We will never try to sell you more than what you need. Instead, by offering our modular approach, we grow as you grow. Rest easy that Genesis Banking is ready to stand with you as a strategic partner for the long-run.

    Gain a Competitive Advantage

    AdvantageIn today's competitive landscape, finding affordable tools to differentiate your bank is more important than ever. Implementing Genesis Banking is like waving a magic wand. In virtually no time, your bank can be operating at full efficiency with our proven paperless platform. With Genesis, your community bank will function like a large national bank - for only a fraction of the cost. This represents a tremendous competitive advantage for your organization. Genesis Banking is a "secret weapon" for many community banks throughout the country, due to its modular approach. We developed our loan software and document management products specifically for banks like yours, allowing you to purchase the tools that add the greatest value. In addition, our highly professional staff can assist with installation and will provide excellent training, so you never have to refer to a confusing owner's manual. Genesis Banking truly is your secret weapon for streamlining efficiencies and reducing administrative redundancy.