What is document imaging?

Traditionally, people have organized their documents in hard copy file folders. Such methods have always been cumbersome for organizations like banks, government departments, and other large entities. This type of process involves maintaining each record in a specific file, designated for a specific purpose. This has given document management a reputation of being very tedious. With the advancement of technology, this problem has been solved by document imaging platforms like that of Genesis Banking. Genesis bank document imaging system allows community banks to manage their electronic files in a single, modular document imaging software suite.

Document imaging is the process of managing documents by scanning the paper hard copy formats and converting them into digital versions. Efficient document imaging makes bank document management a reality for banks both small and large.


To streamline the document management process, Genesis Banking developed its proprietary imaging solution, designed especially for community banks. After extensive research of clients’ needs and product requirement analysis, Genesis Banking developed a community bank-friendly “document imaging system”. This banking software enables community banks to Enhance processes of scanning documents, thus enabling the storage of digital document versions. Document imaging systems centralize all of a community bank’s important documents into a central electronic platform. Bank document management can be a reality for your financial institution, thanks to streamlined bank imaging from Genesis Banking.


Community banks throughout the country rely on Genesis Banking to electronically manage both loan and internal documents. If your bank is looking for a way to better manage its loan documents, then our loan document imaging system will be of great value. Using loan document management software in tandem with a effective document imaging system allows banks to scan paper documents and convert them to digital images.

The Genesis Banking document imaging system offers the following benefits to your community bank:
  • Combines the benefits of both digital and hardcopy format features together, making bank document imaging and document management an easy task for banks
  • Saves employees time and streamlines bank productivity, ultimately affecting the profitability of bank
  • Quickly scan and access digital versions of the documents you are looking for within the Genesis Banking platform
  • Unlock paper-based information so it can be included in business software systems
  • Improve control of information by digitizing the bank documents
  • Maintain the workflow by consolidating paper and electronic processes into a one entity
  • Reduce the overall cost of information management for your community bank
  • Ensure security, productivity, and bank compliance.
  • Digitization improves work-group collaboration and reduces constraints of time or distance
  • Streamlined search for customer’s account and information
  • Greatly reduce the amount of time spent on manual record review by staff

The bank document imaging platform from Genesis Banking will integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, yielding a comprehensive document management system. Our innovative loan document imaging solution will revolutionize the way your bank processes and manages loan documentation.

Call the team at Genesis Banking today to learn more about document imaging, document management, loan software, and more. Our innovative platforms are well known in the industry for streamlining loan management and more. Count on our proven loan management software, document imaging solutions, and advanced bank document management systems for your bank’s most important workflow priorities.